Above and beyond service

Director of Environmental Services Rick Donley enjoys a visit with resident Francis Oler.

Director of Environmental Services Rick Donley enjoys a visit with resident Francis Oler.

If one wanted to get to know Director of Environment Services Rick Donley, perhaps all they’d need to do is read this recent accolade he received, a BRAVO from Executive Director Maegen Pegues:

“Yesterday, I witnessed Rick take time out of his very busy day to interact with a resident. Rick stopped, got down on one knee to make himself eye level with this resident, and engaged in a sincere conversation. The resident was having some hard times and Rick really took the time to enrich this resident’s day, and I witnessed a smile on her face when he walked away. Thank you Rick! It was a simple reminder of why we’re here!”

This brief description explains why Rick is such an important part of our team and the influence he has on those around him.

“I talk to residents quite a bit, and I encourage my staff to stop and talk to them as well. I ask them to ‘take a knee’ or sit with the residents, to get down on their level and build relationships. We don’t want to be seen as authority positions, but rather as people just here to help,” said Rick.

Before coming to Parsons Presbyterian Manor two and a half years ago, Rick had worked at other senior living communities, and in other industries in a supervisory role. Although his abilities to address facility and maintenance needs are much appreciated and necessary, it’s his people skills that really make a difference.

“That’s what makes the job so satisfying. I could go anywhere and work on things, but having an opportunity to interact with residents on a close personal basis is what really makes this job. I would encourage everybody and all staff at any Presbyterian Manor to take time and truly interact with residents. We get so busy, and residents are people, not just part of our job. And hey, it gives staff a break, too.”

We thank Rick for his above-and-beyond service, and congratulate him on his well-earned BRAVO Award!